About HADO PvP

HADO PvP (Player vs.Player) is our flagship Techno Sport and can be played as singles, doubles or 3 v 3  matches.

Qualifiers and championships use the 3 v 3 format with an 80 second game length.

Session Prices

£45 for a half hour session (caters for up to 6 players)

£90 for a one hour session (caters for up to 9 players)

Game Format

Each individual player has 4 hit points (HP), represented by AR targets in front of them. Every time a player loses all 4 HP, the opposing team scores 1 match point. The team with the most match points at the end wins!

BUT....scoring a hit in the centre of a player's set of HP targets eliminates them immediately: 1 match point!

Player Stats

Players can alter their attributes to suit their play style.

All-Rounder: Balanced stats across all attributes.

Sniper: for those who excel in marksmanship, they aim to defeat their opponents by hitting their central point.

Shooter: High damage shots to take down enemy shields

Tank: Maximum stats in shield creation, making them very hard to destroy and hinder enemy progress.

UK Winter Championships: 23rd February 2019

The start of the road to Tokyo and the 2019 HADO World Cup.

This is the first of 4 qualifier matches that will be held throughout 2019. Entering the qualifiers is how you get a team place in the UK Championship and the chance to go to Tokyo as the UK team.

All matches will be 3v3, teams may have up to 5 members but clearly not less than 3.

To earn a place in the UK Championship a team must gain at least 4 points in the qualifier matches. There are a total of 16 places available in the UK Championship.

First place earns 4 points, Second place earns 3 points, Third place earns 2 points, Participating earns 1 point.

Qualifier tournaments will have prizes for 1st and 2nd place as well as a wild card prize available to all for the best team look. (Based on team kit, team logo and social media following)