Hado Monster Battle

Real Monster Battle is the fantasy theme battle game in the augmented world. The Players can shoot fireballs to kill enemies with HADO technology and dive into a world that no-one has ever experienced before!

Session Prices

£45 for a half hour private session (caters for up to 4 players)

Special Challenge!

Calling all Dragon Hunters - £500 offered as a bounty on the Legendary Red Dragon
The Legendary Red Dragon has never been defeated in a straight challenge anywhere in the world.
We are looking for Hunters who are skilled enough to end its unbeaten run.
Book your time on the HADO Monster Battle arena, tell us you want to challenge the Red Dragon and the battle is on.
You can make as many attempts as you like and return to try again as often as you wish.
The bounty will be paid to the first team of 4 players that defeats the Red Dragon.