Welcome to HADO-UK: The first Augmented Reality (AR) & Sports Venue in the UK, Located in Birmingham City Centre.

Opening Monday 6th August 2018

*Please note all footage shown on this website are from other HADO venues and will eventually be replaced by video filmed here at the UK site.



Prices start at £45 per half hour session (catering for up to 6 players)



HADO Monster Battle


Astonishing AR and Dynamic Movement!

Player can see the AR animation within the real world and move alongside their AR creations!

Motion sensor and intuitive game play!

Motion Sensors detect arm movement, making the game intuitive and easy to play.  Interaction with  AR objects becomes second nature very quickly!

Spectators can see everything in the game!

We show all the AR animation through monitors so that spectators can enjoy the show in full! Televised matches show player status and team scores.

compete against the very best!

Battle it out in qualifiers for the right to compete in the HADO World Cup in Japan where there is a £30,000 prize pool up for grabs!